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A Modern Marketing Tool

presented by

The British Columbia Square & Round Dance Federation
and the
Alliance of Round, Traditional and Square-Dance Inc.

This logo was designed by Zackery Turner.  He is the son of a British Columbia square dance caller and lives and works in Medford, Oklahoma. The main purpose of this modern logo is to have a new “brand” to use when marketing to the non-dancer.  We hope it can become a recognizable symbol of square dancing. 

Permission has been granted to edit the colours of the logo but the proportions must not be adjusted.

Live Lively - Square Dance !
Mike Hogan, chairman of the CALLERLAB Marketing committee contributed this slogan that could be used with our modern marketing campaigns.

Permission has been granted to adjust the slogan to be used by our other dance family members.  For example, it might say  " Live Lively - Round Dance.

The font used for the Slogan is Speedball which can be downloaded from the internet if you do not have it.

When you add the slogan to the logo - we have a Slogo

The logo and the slogan can be used separately or together.

More information of the logo / slogo story can be found at

The colours of the logo/slogo can be edited in many ways to suit your needs.  See some of the samples on the left.  Do not change the proportions.

After editing, you will be able to download your creation as a PDF,  a JPG, a PNG or a SVG.

Are You Ready to Edit? 
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